The Isles of Scilly Series

The Week­end Get­away (Isles of Scilly Book 1)

A week­end break changes everything… 

The chem­istry between Keira and Noah is instant. It only takes one date for Keira to real­ise there’s some­thing spe­cial between them.

When Noah invites her to a fam­ily party in his homet­own, she eagerly agrees, and by the end of their week­end away she’s abso­lutely head over heels. Not only for Noah, but for his close-knit fam­ily and the stun­ning Isles of Scilly.

There’s just one prob­lem: Noah’s about to move back home and his plans can’t be altered.

It’s too early in their rela­tion­ship to make life chan­ging plans, but if they stand a chance of being togeth­er, one of them is going to have to take a leap of faith.

Can love tri­umph over loc­a­tion? And when fol­low­ing your heart, how far should you go?

A Change of Heart (Isles of Scilly Book 2)

She was nev­er meant to fall for her best friend’s brother…

Ser­en has had a soft spot for her best friend’s broth­er for as long as she can remem­ber. But when she starts to see Kit as more than just a friend, she knows she’s on dan­ger­ous ground.

Avoid­ing him is prob­ably her best course of action, but that’s easi­er said than done when you live on a tiny island.

When Kit declares he’s in love with her, she’s forced to deny her feel­ings. There’s too much to lose for her to do any­thing else.

If only her heart would get the mes­sage that she and Kit aren’t meant to be.

As the ten­sion between them builds it becomes more and more dif­fi­cult for Ser­en to keep her feel­ings hidden.

Can she find the cour­age to risk everything for love? And will Kit still be wait­ing for her when she does?

Loch Lan­nick Series

Com­ing Home to the Loch (Loch Lan­nick Book 1)

What hap­pens when you meet the right per­son, at the right time, in the wrong place?

Twenty-two-year-old Leana Mack­en­zie is look­ing for adven­ture. Full of excite­ment, she leaves her home in a remote Scot­tish vil­lage and heads for the bright city lights.

In Edin­burgh she meets Alas­dair – a cute and charm­ing singer/songwriter. As their rela­tion­ship devel­ops everything feels perfect.

But as the sparkle of her new life begins to fade, Leana finds her­self long­ing for her cosy home on the Isle of Skye, and the close-knit fam­ily she left behind.

When Alas­dair is offered the career oppor­tun­ity of a life­time, Leana is left even more con­fused. Now, she must choose between a high-fly­ing life as the girl­friend of a celebrity – or return­ing home to her safe, pre­dict­able life.

Home is where the heart is … but what hap­pens when the heart is pulled in two dif­fer­ent directions?

The Castle by the Loch (Loch Lan­nick Book 2)

Some­times the road to hap­pi­ness is longer than we’d like …

At four­teen, Isla Mack­en­zie has her life all planned out. She’s going to be an artist and marry her best friend, Logan.

Logan Don­nell also has a plan. When he grows up he’s going to join his dad’s busi­ness and marry his best friend, Isla.

By the time they’re eight­een, the two of them are insep­ar­able. The future looks bright. Everything feels perfect.

But when tragedy strikes, fate sets the pair on a dif­fer­ent course.

While cir­cum­stances keep Logan and Isla apart, their bond is not so eas­ily broken.

The course of true love might not run smoothly but a bumpy road can still take you exactly where you’re sup­posed to be …

Fire­works over the Loch (Loch Lan­nick Book 3)

A sleepy Scot­tish vil­lage is about to be woken up …

With her boy­friend mov­ing to her homet­own of Lan­nick, Leana Mack­en­zie is float­ing on cloud nine. All she needs now is for them to find a home of their own. Alasdair’s lack of interest in house-hunt­ing soon has her worried.

For Isla and Logan, mov­ing in togeth­er is the logic­al next step in their rela­tion­ship. Neither of them expects liv­ing under the same roof to be so chal­len­ging. If they can’t find a way to make it work how can they pos­sibly have a future together?

Single-moth­er Elspeth is ecstat­ic about mov­ing out of her par­ents’ house. When she agrees to a tem­por­ary house­mate she’s com­for­ted by the friend­ship that grows. But are her feel­ing purely pla­ton­ic, or is romance in the air?

As the year draws to a close, Alas­dair organ­ises a cel­eb­ra­tion that will rock the quiet vil­lage of Lan­nick. The New Year’s party brings every­one togeth­er for a night to remem­ber. But when mid­night strikes, the fire­works burst­ing over the loch aren’t the only sparks flying …

The Cafe at the Loch (Loch Lan­nick Book 4)

A hol­i­day fling threw her life into chaos …

Elspeth Mack­en­zie hasn’t had any con­tact with the fath­er of her child since they had a fling three years ago. Get­ting preg­nant at six­teen turned her life upside down. But now she has everything back under con­trol. She’s man­aging a cafe and a tod­dler and mak­ing it look easy.

If only dat­ing was as easy. Most guys run a mile when they find out she has a child.

When her friend sets her up on a blind date, Elspeth is in for a huge sur­prise. Not only because she finds her­self face to face with the fath­er of her child, but because her feel­ings for Rory haven’t changed a bit. The attrac­tion is as intense as ever.

Now Elspeth must tell Rory she has a child. And that sweet little Arran is also his child.

Yet again, her life is thrown off bal­ance. Work­ing out how to co-par­ent Arran is about as com­plic­ated as her feel­ings for Rory.

For Elspeth to fig­ure out what the future holds, she first needs to come to terms with the choices she made in the past…

Secrets at the Loch (Loch Lan­nick Book 5)

It takes cour­age to open up about the past…

For years Lex­ie has kept every­one at arm’s length. Her heart is so guarded it’s almost impenetrable.

Until Nick.

When the geeky teach­er moves in next door, Lex­ie finds it increas­ingly dif­fi­cult to ignore her attrac­tion to him. To pro­tect her­self, she pushes him away, con­vin­cing her­self that hurt­ing him isn’t a big deal.

She nev­er ima­gined him leav­ing town. Or how much she’d miss him when he left.

Des­per­ate to make amends, she fol­lows him to his homet­own, determ­ined to do whatever it takes to earn his forgiveness.

Even if that means shar­ing her deep­est secrets.

As she opens up to Nick, she begins to ima­gine a future she’d nev­er dared dream of. Now all she has to do is let her guard down and take a chance on love …

Sur­prises at the Loch (Loch Lan­nick Book 6)

The best moments are the ones we don’t see coming …

Isla is per­fectly con­tent with her sol­id, stable rela­tion­ship with Logan. But when they chal­lenge each oth­er to inject some spon­taneity into their rela­tion­ship things quickly get out of hand.

Soon, Logan is determ­ined to find the ulti­mate romantic ges­ture. Can he truly sur­prise Isla when she knows him so well?

Lex­ie is enjoy­ing being in a steady rela­tion­ship with Nick. But organ­ising a birth­day sur­prise for him at the same time as tak­ing on more respons­ib­il­it­ies at work hardly leaves her time for any­thing else. When the birth­day plans don’t go as expec­ted, Lex­ie finds her­self eval­u­at­ing both her rela­tion­ship and her career.

And she’s more sur­prised than any­one by the conclusion.

Find­ing Hope at the Loch (Loch Lan­nick Book 7)

Some­times all we can do is hope things will turn out exactly as they’re sup­posed to … 

A fairy-tale wed­ding in a castle should be a dream come true for Isla. Unfor­tu­nately, she’s not as taken with the idea as every­one around her. While her fam­ily and Logan organ­ise everything, she’s left feel­ing that her opin­ion doesn’t count.

Mean­while, Lex­ie is deal­ing with fam­ily prob­lems of her own. Her dad doesn’t approve of her rela­tion­ship with Nick and is determ­ined to cause prob­lems for the two of them.

Elspeth finally has everything she wants: Rory has moved to Skye and they’re liv­ing togeth­er as a prop­er fam­ily. But is that enough for her? Throw­ing her­self into a new busi­ness ven­ture stirs up prob­lems in her rela­tion­ship. Can she find a way to fix them? Does she even want to?

When noth­ing seems to go to plan, maybe the best thing to do is embrace the unex­pec­ted and hope that everything will be okay in the end …

Fra­gile Hearts by the Loch (Loch Lan­nick Book 8)

How long does it take to mend a broken heart?

Jess expects life on the Isle of Skye to be calm and peace­ful. But when she falls for her col­league things quickly become com­plic­ated. Rory comes with a whole load of bag­gage, but she just can’t seem to stay away from him.

When Elspeth is forced to take a break from work, she eval­u­ates what her future holds. As her rela­tion­ship with Rory begins to feel irre­par­able, they’re forced to admit it might be time to move on.

Leana’s trip to Amer­ica should be a relax­ing, romantic get­away. Instead, she learns that she and Alas­dair have dif­fer­ent ideas about their future. While he extends his trip, Leana travels home alone and reflects on what’s truly import­ant to her.

Some­times it takes almost los­ing the one we love to make us real­ise what we really want …

New Arrivals at the Loch (Loch Lan­nick Book 9)

A new­comer causes a stir in the quiet vil­lage of Lannick…

Dale didn’t intend to stay on the Isle of Skye for long, but when he’s offered a job at the Old Inn and made to feel at home by the loc­als, he starts to won­der what it would be like to stick around.

Mean­while, Elspeth is determ­ined to sal­vage her rela­tion­ship with Rory. After almost los­ing him, she’ll do whatever it takes to ensure they get things right this time.

Over in Port­ree, Jess is hope­ful that her streak of bad luck with rela­tion­ships is over. At least until Gary’s teen­age niece causes ripples in their bud­ding romance.

When a spate of crimes brings Dale under scru­tiny, the loc­als spec­u­late over his mys­ter­i­ous past, leav­ing ten­sions high in the nor­mally peace­ful Lannick…

Hope Cove Series

The Cot­tage at Hope Cove: A won­der­fully uplift­ing hol­i­day romance

The sum­mer that changed everything…

Liz­zie Beau­mont has it all: a great career, a wealthy fiancé, and the wed­ding of her dreams just months away. But when her fiancé puts work before her again, she sets off for a week in the pic­tur­esque town of Hope Cove. She’s hop­ing for time away from the chaos to find herself.

Instead, she finds Max.

When the gor­geous guy next door asks her for dec­or­at­ing help, Liz­zie finds her­self all too eager to please. The week she expec­ted to drag sud­denly flies by, and before she knows it, she has to return to her oth­er life. The life with the impend­ing mar­riage and the fiancé she loves.

Or does she?

One week with Max has left her ques­tion­ing her life choices. Is her fiancé the man of her dreams, or just the man who asked? Now Liz­zie must decide what her life will be. Will she go for the safe and pre­dict­able route, or take a chance on a man she hardly knows? No mat­ter what she does, someone’s heart is going to break. She just doesn’t want it to be hers.

Escape to Oak­brook Farm: A won­der­fully uplift­ing romantic com­edy (Hope Cove Book 2)

Vil­lage life is sup­posed to be quiet…

Josie Beau­mont is a free spir­it. She changes jobs about as often as she changes her rela­tion­ship status. Fre­quently! The only con­stants in her life are the com­fy old shoes that she refuses to part with.

When unem­ploy­ment looms again, she’s intrigued by a job oppor­tun­ity at a dog ken­nels in rur­al Devon. As someone who thrives on change, a move to the sticks doesn’t faze her at all. She’s expect­ing life in the coun­try to be quiet and uneventful.

What she’s not expect­ing is Sam.

The charm­ing, sens­it­ive neigh­bour makes life much more inter­est­ing. In fact, when she gets involved in the loc­al com­munity, things really aren’t as dull as she anti­cip­ated. But just when she finally feels settled, she’s offered the job of her dreams back in Lon­don. It’s time to move on.

Or is it?

Being part of a small com­munity has stirred some­thing in Josie and she begins to ques­tion what she really wants. Can she turn her back on her new life and say good­bye to Sam? Or is she ready to hang up her run­ning shoes and stay put? Maybe she’s finally found some­thing worth stick­ing around for…

Sum­mer at the Old Boat­house: A won­der­fully heart­warm­ing romantic com­edy (Hope Cove Book 3)

Of all the guys, she falls for the one who’s off limits…

Emily Win­ters would do any­thing for her best friend Josie. Every week they meet for a catch up at the Old Boat­house – an idyll­ic little café by the Thames where Josie’s boy­friend Jack works.

As the sum­mer draws on, life seems per­fect. Emily’s writ­ing career is tak­ing off and she’s throw­ing her­self into the dat­ing scene.

There’s just one prob­lem: she com­pares all the men she meets to Jack.

And none of them meas­ure up.

Now all she needs to do is fig­ure out how to fall out of love with her best friend’s boy­friend. Because even when Josie moves to the coun­tryside, and her rela­tion­ship with Jack crumbles, Emily knows there are rules to friend­ship that you should nev­er break.

But can they be bent in the name of love? Is there a way Emily can get the man of her dreams without ruin­ing her friend­ship with Josie? One thing’s for cer­tain: when you’re in love with your best friend’s guy, the course of true love will be any­thing but smooth…

Whis­pers at the Blue­bell Inn: A glor­i­ous tale of love and friend­ship (Hope Cove Book 4)

Rumours travel fast in a village…

Josie loves her new life in the coun­try with Sam. But she has a secret that she doesn’t want any­one to know. Unfor­tu­nately, it’s hard to keep any­thing to your­self in a tiny village.

Liz­zie is adjust­ing to moth­er­hood, and find­ing it more demand­ing than she ever expec­ted. Life has become a haze of sleep depriva­tion and dirty nap­pies, and it’s tak­ing its toll on her rela­tion­ship with Max.

Emily has finally got the man of her dreams. How­ever, life with Jack isn’t as straight­for­ward as she expec­ted. A cer­tain ex-girl­friend and money wor­ries wreak hav­oc on their relationship.

As the three couples reunite in the peace­ful Devon scenery, what bet­ter place to catch up than the loc­al pub? There are laughs, tears and rumours aplenty.

But one thing soon becomes clear: you shouldn’t believe everything you hear at the Blue­bell Inn…

The House on Lav­ender Lane: A heart­warm­ing tale of love and friend­ship (Hope Cove Book 5)

One shock­ing incid­ent forces six friends to re-eval­u­ate everything

Emily only meant to spend a week in Hope Cove. But when the quirky loc­als involve her in vari­ous events, she hap­pily extends her stay. She just wishes Jack were with her and not stuck work­ing back in Oxford.

For Liz­zie, Emily’s vis­it is well timed. She’s strug­gling to bal­ance work and fam­ily life, and hav­ing her friend nearby is exactly the breath of fresh air she needs.

Josie has every­one wor­ried. She’s try­ing her best to stay upbeat but after two failed preg­nan­cies, she’s def­in­itely lost some of her sparkle.

When dis­aster strikes, the three couples reunite round a hos­pit­al bed. As their lives are thrown into per­spect­ive, they’re forced to take stock. And look to the future.

Some­times, it takes a twist of fate to make you appre­ci­ate what you’ve got and fight for your dreams …


The Book­shop of Hopes and Dreams: A charm­ing tale of heart­break and heal­ing (Hope Cove Book 6)

When Tara Fitzpatrick tells a string of lies dur­ing the world’s most inform­al job inter­view she has no idea of the path she’s set her­self on.

Renov­at­ing the run­down book­shop with her new boss, James, turns out to be more ful­filling than she could ever have ima­gined. Soon, she finds her­self fall­ing in love with the quaint little shop.

And with James.

But Tara has nev­er let her­self dream of a happy ever after. Ever since she was a little girl, she knew she would nev­er have children.

Determ­ined not to let James sac­ri­fice his dreams of hav­ing a fam­ily, she walks away.

Broken-hearted, Tara puts all her efforts into start­ing afresh. But the bond between her and James is not so eas­ily broken. When two lives seem destined to inter­twine, how long can Tara stay away?

Some­how, she needs to find the strength to face up to her past and start fight­ing for her future …

Winter Wishes in Hope Cove: A warm and uplift­ing winter romance (Hope Cove Book 7)

All Emily wants for her wed­ding is a low-key cel­eb­ra­tion with fam­ily and friends. But with a best friend like Josie, it’s no sur­prise that there’s a touch of drama to the day.

Mean­while, Tara is deal­ing with prob­lems of her own. In a bid to face up to her past, she sets out to make amends with her estranged fath­er and reunite with her half sib­lings. Thank­fully she has James to sup­port her when times get tough.

For Liz­zie, a career oppor­tun­ity feels like a dream come true. But her excite­ment is thwarted when Max announces a dif­fer­ent vis­ion for their future.

As the friends come togeth­er to cel­eb­rate the start of a new year, there’s laughter, love and baked goods aplenty. What more could any­one wish for?

There’s Some­thing about Scar­lett (Hope Cove Book 8)

Three years of mar­riage, then they’ll go their sep­ar­ate ways…

Scar­lett Mer­cer dreams of start­ing her own pub­lish­ing com­pany. But with no way to fin­ance uni­ver­sity, she might be stuck work­ing in her aunt’s café indefinitely.

When a chance encounter leads her to an extreme solu­tion, she’s des­per­ate enough to go through with it. Even if it means mar­ry­ing a guy she’s only just met.

What she doesn’t factor into her plans is how eas­ily she gets over­whelmed. Soon, she’s strug­gling to nav­ig­ate uni­ver­sity life while liv­ing with a guy she barely knows.

Mean­while, Fraser Gra­ham is try­ing to fig­ure out what it is about Scar­lett that mes­mer­ised him so much that he agreed to marry her.

When he real­ises what it is that makes her so dif­fer­ent to any­one he’s ever met, the rev­el­a­tion leaves him reeling …

Will Scar­lett man­age to ful­fil her dreams? And as sparks begin to fly, will their mar­riage end up being more than just convenient?