alwayswithyouAlways With You

A secret kept for more than twenty years. A daughter intent on finding the truth…

In 1994, twenty-one-year-old Evelyn Taylor left England to backpack around Australia. When she stopped off in the dusty outback town of Kununurra, she never expected to fall in love with the place – and the people. But Joe Sullivan captured her heart, and when her fun-filled year in Australia came to an end, saying goodbye to him was the hardest thing she’d ever done.

In 2017, Evelyn’s daughter, Libby, embarks on her own Australian adventure. Grief-stricken following her mother’s death, she’s determined to find the father she never met.
Little does she know that digging up the past will be more complicated than she ever imagined.

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beneaththesestarskindleBeneath these Stars (Lucy Mitchell Book 2)

Perfect couple Lucy and Adam have it all: a home in the picturesque village of Havendon, budding careers and a sparkling future. Life is exactly as it should be.

But when tragedy strikes and Adam becomes the guardian to his two young nieces, their idyllic life is turned upside down. Suddenly, they face an entirely different future.
Grief-stricken and disoriented, the four of them battle to build a new life together.

Can Adam and Lucy’s relationship survive being pushed to the limit? And can a devastated family find a way to get through such testing times?

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beyondthelens.jpg kindle Beyond the Lens (Lucy Mitchell Book 1)

When twenty-six-year-old Lucy Mitchell loses her job, she momentarily loses her mind too and agrees to take part in a reality TV show. Before she knows it she’s jetting off to a piece of paradise on a beautiful Spanish island.

Much to her surprise, Lucy makes new friends and has the time of her life, even indulging in a behind-the-scenes romance with a hunky cameraman.

Convinced the production will never make it to the screen, Lucy returns home on cloud nine, but soon finds that things are not always as they seem.

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mykindofperfectnewcover2017My Kind of Perfect (Friends Like These Book 3)

People-pleaser Marie has a lot to contend with:

• Her fiancé Brian is a workaholic who mysteriously snubs his family
• Her best friend Grace is being demanding and unreasonable
• Her wedding plans are non-existent
• She’s accidentally acquired a personal trainer

Despite all this, Marie manages to stay upbeat. Thankfully she has her Fat Club friends to keep her entertained with things like wedding crashing and piggyback races.

Can Marie fix her friendship with Grace, solve everyone’s problems and have a perfect wedding? What is the perfect wedding anyway?

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Christmas With Friends: A Novella (Friends Like These Book 2)christmaswithfriendsnewcover2017

As the festive season rolls around, everything seems to be going great for Marie. She has a gorgeous fiancé, a beautiful house and is surrounded by her quirky but loveable friends and family.

But things are never simple in Marie’s life. As she reluctantly agrees to host Christmas dinner for her friends and family, Marie suddenly feels the pressure of pleasing everyone. On top of that, her gorgeous fiancé, Brian is starting to lose patience with her reluctance to start organising the wedding.

Will Marie manage to pull off the perfect Christmas? And will she ever admit the real reason she’s avoiding all talk of weddings?

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friendslikethesenewcover2017Friends Like These 

When newly single Marie decides to shake up her social life, she has no idea what she is letting herself in for. With her sights set on the flamboyant Sebastian and his sophisticated group, Marie is sure that things are about to change for the better.

But when a chance encounter brings some unlikely characters into her life, things start to veer off course. Marie would never normally be seen with this bunch of misfits but to her annoyance they just keep turning up.

As lives quickly become entwined and unusual friendships form, Marie realises that we don’t always get to choose our friends; sometimes they choose us.

Buoyed by her newfound friendships, Marie might even take another chance at love.

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