Children’s Books

Hannah also writes children’s books under the pen name Hannah Sparks.

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Where Dragons Fly (Land of Stars Book 1)31_1_200511_Cover 1_ebook

When Ethan and Amelia find their way into the magical land of Steorra they’re in for the adventure of a lifetime. Soon they’re flying on dragons and befriending a talking penguin.

Fly away with Ethan and Amelia on a magical journey filled with fun and friendship!

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31_2_200716 Cover 2_ebook-01Where Stars Fall (Land of Stars Book 2)

In a magical land called Steorra, the bright blue sky is filling with stars. No one knows exactly when they’ll fall, but Ethan and Amelia are determined to be there when they do.

Join the latest exciting adventure in the wonderful land of stars!

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Where Penguins Party (Land of Stars Book 3)31_3_200716 Cover 3_ebook-01

Pascal the penguin is working hard to organise his birthday party. But when a feisty fairy tries to spoil the fun, Ethan and Amelia are determined to stop her.

Return to Steorra with Ethan and Amelia, and find out how penguins celebrate their birthdays!

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